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Want relief? 
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for Peace of Mind & Fulfillment

Online Fitness Classes!

Here's a quick video to introduce
myself & my services
I've spent 35 years researching
the best, fastest techniques
to save you time and money.

          I'm certified in:


  • Acupressure Point Tapping

    • (Advanced EFT)

  • Qigong

  • Posture & Movement Therapy 

  • Body Language

  • Fitness Circuit Training

Questions?  Feel free to ask:

I look forward to meeting you!

Judy Cameron


At the Gym

Mia Beda

I have really enjoyed our online fitness workouts.  I feel comfortable, safe & am getting stronger every day! 

Thank you, Judy!"

Senior Couple Doing Yoga

Lynda Payne

"I felt sick to my stomach when  we started but after our session I'm calm! Plus I have much more clarity about what to do next.  You are heaven sent"

Happy Family

Beth Taylor

"I feel so very different!  Somehow lightened & new.  Thank you for holding the High Watch over me and guiding me so expertly, Judy!"


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