What stresses you?
Want relief? 
I've got time-proven answers.

Mind-Body Stress
& Trauma Relief 

for Peace of Mind & Fulfillment

Mind-Body-Soul Fitness

I've spent 35 years researching
the best, fastest techniques
to save you time and money.

  I'm certified in:


  • Acupressure Point Tapping

    • (Advanced EFT)

  • Qigong

  • Posture & Movement Therapy 

  • Body Language

  • Fitness Training

Questions?  Feel free to ask:

I look forward to meeting you,

Judy Cameron

“I used to worry SO much about money and, after 3 months with you, it's showing up in unexpected ways.  And seemingly without effort.  Judy, you are literally a life saver – mine."

Mia Beda

Lucerne, Switzerland

I felt almost sick to my stomach with this anger.  So just did the Advanced Tapping session you led us through in the webinar and, wow, I feel so much calmer, from a 15 [on a scale of 10] to a 1.  I’m tired but SOOOOOO much calmer.  Realized that [name’s] treatment of me is so much like the treatment I received from others in my past.  I never saw that before.  Time to let that pattern go - thanks so much for helping me see I deserve better.  Thank Heaven for YOU!!!"

Lynn Payne

Fennville, MI

I feel so very much different!!!  Somehow lightened and new.  Thank you for holding the High Watch over me.  For guiding me so expertly.  For being there so totally for me, Judy! 

Elizabeth Taylor

San Francisco, CA

“I feel happier, like my spirit has opened a bit.  I rant MUCH less.  I seem to need fewer naps bc I’m sleeping longer & more deeply during the night.  I feel less angry & for shorter lengths of time.  I feel less disturbed about what’s happening in the world & any negativity in my life.  I feel less need to ‘fix’ others & calmer, less judgmental about choosing to not interact with them…  they aren’t a good fit for me… period.  I feel & am seeming to act much kinder to myself with much less need to be ‘perfect’...  I’m so very grateful you have come into my life in perfect timing.  Amen."  (after 2 Tapping sessions)

Anabella Palermi

Santa Fe, NM

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