Judy worked part-time for 30 years in OB-GYN and Ovarian Cancer medical research at UCSF, which developed new drugs and surgeries for women. Over the years she saw a lot of suffering in this field and so became motivated to study the natural and ancient methods that have prevented distress and illness throughout the ages.

As difficulties came up in her own life around money, divorce, fitness injuries & her health, Judy began to refine these time-proven techniques and started experiencing the success and happiness she’d been seeking.

Now she shares her simple and unique program with people looking for faster, lasting results – freedom from old, stuck patterns & habits that hold us back from our dreams.  She teaches from a compassionate and encouraging place, knowing that this is key to feeling safe enough to successfully grow into our vision.

Her program works so well because it works holistically – at our energetic and subconscious mind’s core level – where our beliefs are held.  Change our beliefs & blueprints to change our results – that’s the bottom line.

Any chance I get, I'm out hiking the trails of Central Oregon, our new home.  Mother Nature is truly healing and inspirational.

I am the huge-est dog lover.  And even though our dogs have transitioned back to Source Energy, they have the biggest place in our hearts.  They've been Premier Teachers of Love in my life, teaching me just how key Love is to having all we want - health, wealth and real happiness. 


Here's to you having your dreams come true!  Judy