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I have time-proven tools that naturally help us release old mental programming that creates our current situations and
‘install’ new, desired blueprints and results.

The trick is to use these tools regularly.

The perfect timing is 
regular weekly online classes.

A class that’s conveniently offered in your home via the internet, and that is only 1 hour long but packed with just what we need to create new neural pathways in our brains, so our new habits STICK.

Acupressure Point Tapping:

  • Ancient China’s Self-Care De-Stress Technique

  • Proven to decrease our stress hormone, cortisol

  • Releases the ‘charge’ on old memories that keep us stuck in the same old habits or patterns

  • Allows us to insert our new, desired feelings & patterns - deep into our subconscious minds

  • When our new patterns are more familiar to this part of our minds, our results change

  • We need repetition of this high quality ‘input.’ Repetition releases old, repetitive ‘tapes.’

  • Offered every Wednesday, Noon to 1pm Pacific

  • $10 per class or $38 per month

  • Email to join

Life-giving Principles of Qigong:

  • Breathing in Love-filled Chi (the ‘Life Force’) will shift your energy system into high gear

  • Qigong is similar to Tai Chi but only focuses only healing, not self defense

  • Specific, ancient breath patterns release energy blockages & allow your natural rhythm of Chi to flow, bringing you peace of mind & balance

  • Unique Qigong movements serve & balance different organ systems in our bodies

  • Check out my Qigong video series here

Online Group Fitness Classes

  • This is an easy & FUN way to stay in shape, build muscle & bone and prevent osteoporosis

  • Offered MWF 8am to 8:30am, Pacific
  • Click this link for more info.

Here's how you join my Zoom Meeting 

for this class.  Watch this short video: