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Tapping Webinar Series for Empathic Women


Learn how to relieve Anxiety, Overwhelm & not feeling Valued.

Also, how to deal with narcissists​.

Ingrain patterns of confidence, success and peace of mind.

6 week program, tapping live on your unique situation.

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Dear Sensitive, Empathic Sister,

I’ve been ‘overly sensitive’ my whole life.

That’s what I was told anyway.

It was especially hard to get through life when I didn’t get the Loving foundation to see that I was actually a pretty good person.

I kept seeking Love from others, trying to please others so they’d like me.

Very long story short, if you can see yourself in the following picture, then I have some great answers for you.  (See links below.)

Do these sound familiar?


  • Overwhelmed by my or the world’s pain

  • Sensitive to others’ comments or criticism – care/d too much what others think

  • Feel wronged by others’ opinions

  • Have been emotionally or physically abused or neglected by self-centered, narcissist people

  • Been bullied

  • Not able to ‘fight back’ or ‘stand up for myself’

  • Feel like a doormat

  • Over-give to please or take care of others, and leave myself out of care-taking

  • Feel like a chameleon, able to change to fit others’ needs, so we’re liked or to try to keep the ‘family boat from rocking’

  • Use addictions to pacify my emotional overload or to avoid feeling my pain

    • Addictions to anything: alcohol, food, phone, social media, TV show binging, drugs, sugar, coffee …

  • Need to get out into Nature to recharge or re-balance

  • Loud noises bother me

  • Don’t like crowds, prefer one-on-one interactions

  • Can sense when something is ‘wrong’ or ‘off’

  • Night time is tough - my mind sees the ‘worst case scenario’

  • Feel hopeless when can’t find answers

  • Feel alone and/or different

  • Feel animals’ pain acutely

Need to be able to:

  • Know who I am fully (Pure Love Energy)

  • Be self-confident

  • Feel happy now, versus WHEN I achieve my goal

  • Allow others to live their lives without feeling the need to ‘fix’, ‘help’ or ‘change’ them

    • Including animals

  • Say ‘no’ more easily

  • Have peace of mind more often – and release my need for addictions

  • Feel safe

  • Feel financially secure

  • Be OK with death

  • Trust my Intuition more easily

  • Trust life provides for me

  • Love myself fully

  • Know I can create my life as I wish, if I can do so from a place of Self-Love vs. ego needs

    • When relaxed and able to sit still easily and calmly

  • Know I can transmute pain, remembering “I am The Divine – Pure Healing Love Energy”

    • Pain does not need to stay stuck in my energy system

  • Allow life to have its ups & downs without crash-diving into depression

Please join me to gain balance, joy and to find other Sisters as we support each other. 

I can’t wait to meet you, Judy

PS: And if you feel as I do about dogs - that they are the ultimate teachers of Love - then you're really in the right place.

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