Need a Guide?

Let me take you for a hike on the Paulina Creek Trail
in Central Oregon


  • Tailored to your needs and abilities

  • Lake and/or Falls

  • One of the most beautiful places on Earth!

  • 2 to 3 hours.  Up to 8 adults.

Please email for schedule.  $25 per person per hour.  Cash or Paypal.




Other Sports?
Or a Bio-Mechanics Coach?

What is Bio-Mechanics?  

It's the Science of Posture & Stride Analysis.


If you're in pain or get injuries often, your posture or movement patterns may be contributing. 


Great posture is also a great stress relief technique.

I can help you learn how to move in an uplifted, neutral position, the way your body was designed to walk, cycle, swim or kayak. 

Either on the trail, lake or on a treadmill, with video feedback. 


Learn more here.

Posture Analysis

  • Have your Before front and side posture photos analyzed

  • See your potential pain points to avoid injuries

  • What do you see in your own posture and body language?

  • What would you like to shift?

  • Receive a short report of areas to watch

  • After you study Posture & Movement program above,

       come back and have your After posture photos analyzed
       to see your progress!

  • Email me for directions to send your photos first please


Money back guarantee

Video Analysis of your Walk, Hike, Run or Cycle

  • Have your bio-mechanics (movement) analyzed

    • back & side

  • Increase efficiency, power and often speed!

  • See your potential pain points to avoid injuries

  • Or see weak points to heal more quickly

  • What do you 'read' in your movement patterns?

  • What would you like to shift?

  • Receive a short report of areas to concentrate on

  • In person or via sending me your video footage

  • On trail or treadmill                  


Money back guarantee

The Attractiveness of Great Body Language:

  • Learn how important Body Language is to success

  • ​Look and feel confident

  • How to correct your posture to get out of pain

  • Feel and look younger & stronger 

  • Smaller waistline?!  Yes     

  • Flatter looking belly and smaller looking derriere
              just with postural shifts                 

  • Know the common, core principles of Pilates,

                 yoga, dance & martial arts 

  • Easy to use modules: 11 video series as mp4s

  • Technique overview checklist pdf

  • 3 bonuses!

    • Pilates Plank for sexy arms & core strength

    • How to sit down and get up elegantly

    • Learn how to 'hinge' like a dancer!

  • Money back guarantee

  • $19.95  Buy here

Disclaimer: Please know that I usually see clients in person so by giving you this information in this format, I know you know your body better than I do, so please use my advice gently or wait until you are out of any pain before proceeding.  Email me your questions, if you like, at StressRelieversNow@gmail.com.

I wish you all the best! Judy

Benefits of Fast/Slow Walking

Key benefits in learning good posture and bio-mechanics of walking are that we improve our efficiency, burn fat faster and often get out of pain.

Our bodies love interval training.  It’s our natural way to move and build muscle and stamina.

  • This class will show you how to build up at your own pace.

  • Individual attention will be given to each student.

  • Instruction by Judy Cameron, Sports Bio-Mechanics Coach for 30 years.

  • Compassion and fun included!

Email me for upcoming schedule at StressRelieversNow@gmail.com

$39 for the series.

More about the class:


This is such valuable information to stay healthy and fit.


We start with slides and move outside to practice.


Turns out moving constantly is hard on our bodies.  Witness the marathons and their inherent injuries.

Most animals don’t run for miles.  They run when they want to, or have to, and stop to eat or rest. 


This is the principle of interval training.

A Swedish sports coach developed this technique over 70 years ago to build his athletes’ performances most efficiently, with as few injuries as possible. 

I have found it to work well for the rest of us too, so we can keep active and fit for years to come - and ENJOY exercise because it’s fun, especially out in natural beauty. 


Feel free to ask at StressRelieversNow@gmail.com

I look forward to getting to know you, Judy

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