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Lunch at home & Learn!

Our local Sunriver Chamber's Lunch & Learn educational series, hosted by First Interstate Bank, has gone online.  Until we can meet in person again.

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Please join me, Judy Cameron, for stress & health-related topics on Zoom. 


Every first Tuesday of the month at Noon to 1pm. (Except holidays.)


I will present live or show an interesting video. 


Q&A periodically to answer your questions or hear your thoughts.  


Bring your lunch to your device/computer and join in the conversation! 


Click on this link a few minutes ahead of time:

Join Zoom Meeting

Tuesday Jan 5th's Topic:

What's the relationship between our soil's health and human health?

Join me to watch Zach Bush, MD, as he presents his project, the Farmer's Footprint, to educate us about the need to return to natural methods of agriculture.

I'll present my local research on the best places to buy healthy produce and why organic is good but often organic protocol doesn't include addressing the quality of the soil.

Zach Bush is a triply certified MD who started a medical research clinic and IONBiome, a company dedicated to helping people improve their gut health and detox from the pesticides used in large-scale agriculture.

The majority of proceeds from his gut health product go back into the Farmer's Footprint project.

Verbal and visual participation is optional.

I'd love to have you join us, Judy

Your options on our online meeting platform, Zoom:

  1. Choose audio only.  No live video of your face.  Just listen in and/or comment as you wish.  Click Microphone icon. 

  2. Choose video and audio if you want to be seen and heard.  Click Video icon. 

I will mute everyone as I’m teaching & unmute for questions at intervals.

You may also type a question into the Chat box, if you like, and I’ll check it periodically.

I will post each week’s video on this page so you can review it at your convenience as well.


Any difficulties connecting?  I created a video below to help you connect in 3 different ways.  You'll only have to do one of these ways once.  That's the good news.  

(In my video below, I mention I'll send you the Join Zoom Meeting link by email but it is already provided above.)


Often your computer will automatically join your audio and/or video without having to do anything.  Just so you know.

Let me know which topics you'd like to hear more about too!

Email me at

I look forward to getting to know you! Peace, Judy