Has your mother hurt you?

Moving from pain & blame - to the Truth of who you are


My mother was evacuated from the London Nazi Blitz in WWII as a 8 year old, and sent to live by herself with a family outside of the city.  She was an only child as well and these traumatic events didn't give her an understanding of what true Love is.

So, I grew up not getting the Love I wanted and needed.  And it's taken years to get to the place where I Love myself. 


But the good news is I now have the tools to help you heal too, much faster than I did. 


From the place of unconditional Love, life flows!

These are some of the feelings I felt growing up with my mother:

  • Rage.  Which I stuffed because I wasn't allowed to emote.

  • And that she was ridiculous, fucked up, shallow, hurtful, selfish, pig-headed, righteous, manipulative, controlling, neglectful, a waste of time, STUPID and arrogant.  I hated that 'British Empire Holier-than-Thou Bullshit.'

  • She had a BLACK, SHRUNKEN HEART and she was a LOSER.  She could charm the pants off of others so I knew she was a shyster, a con artist - a narcissist Big Time.

Can you relate?


It took me a while to turn these feelings around into understanding and compassion, for myself - and her. 


I now am independent of the conditioning - the programming - she 'installed' in me. 


I'm happy, and fulfilled.  I wish this for you too.

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Joy IS our birthright, My Friend.

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