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Online LIVE Group Fitness Class


Looking to stay in shape from home?

With compassion & encouragement versus ‘no pain, no gain?’

Join me LIVE on your computer or phone to get or stay in shape safely, with video conferencing (Zoom).  ‘Slow and steady’ builds CORE strength and prevents injuries.

Accountability, Variety and FUN!

Build the habit of regular movement or exercise doing specific weight movements, which increase bone density & help prevent osteoporosis, while combining an aerobic and non-aerobic (stationary) exercise program, including:

Trampoline, weights, dance, kick-boxing, jump rope, jumping jacks, isometric & balance exercises, Pilates planks, Qigong & stretching – a personalized circuit training, just for you.

Using bio-mechanically correct posture
& movement principles

Interval / Circuit Training consists of a minute of one activity, then switching to another activity, in rounds of 3 activities.


This allows for varying levels of intensity, keeping your heart rate within your unique range and not overdoing, therefore preventing injury.

As we learn to truly listen to our bodies, we can overcome the old programming of having to 'push through the pain' for success. We can learn to discern when to push a bit and when to back off - how to take care of ourselves.

Circuit Training is defined as rotating different activities to keep from being bored and to keep your workout level moving cyclically (medium/slow/medium...) to build up your stamina, as you're able.

If you're not able to move fully at the moment,
we can discuss other options for you.* 


1 hour private before we start your program, to get your medical history & capability, and develop a starting routine with your favorite movements.

Then join me 3 days/week (MWF from 8:30 to 9:15am Pacific) as we build up together so you can learn to love exercise on your own, when you’re ready.

Resistant to exercise? 

Try Acupressure Point Tapping with me to let go of old habits & memories that cause you to overeat or keep you from exercising regularly – from being your best. 

(This requires a private phone or Zoom session.)

I have found this remarkable tool to be the difference between success & failure.

Holistic Mind, Body & Soul Communication & Fitness means learning to listen to your body’s capabilities with compassion to prevent injuries and build strength, slowly but surely.

Get lean, strong and physically fit, whatever your current level or health issues.*

Some of my clients are in their 60s to 80s.  And rejuvenating their lives!  I find this very exciting.

When?  MWF 8:30 to 9:15am Pacific

* I developed Lyme disease in 2011 and my tendons became locked-up and extremely painful.  I was basically bedridden for a year and a half.  My muscles turned to mush, and, at times, I had absolutely no energy at all.  I couldn’t move without pain. 

During this experience, I learned from Qigong that I could still use its mental & spiritual practice to help heal myself.  So, there are principles we can apply even if we’re injured or confined to a chair or bed.  Other parts of the body or mind may still be able to remain active and strong.

I’m 66 and healthier than ever.  I intend to remain active and happy for the rest of my life.  Please join me if you feel the same. 

My Training

Concurrently, while working as a research nurse at UC San Francisco, in OB-GYN and Ovarian Cancer research for 30 years, I began studying Posture and Stride Alignment Bio-Mechanics because my body was hurting from over-doing triathlons.  This information helped me get out of pain and get stronger physically.

I then discovered Acupressure Point Tapping, which can release our mental habits that hold us back, including old beliefs about exercise.  AND program the new patterns we'd like to have.

Qigong (pronounced Chee GUNG) comes from ancient Chinese Medicine and is a practice of specific movements, breath patterns and meditation to balance our bodies' energy system and heal health issues.

I became certified in all these disciplines because I saw the results I was getting.  They worked.  Now I teach them so others can benefit too.

Pricing here.

I look forward to working with you to reach your goals, Judy