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Pet Grief Relief

Having to put my dogs down has absolutely been one of the very hardest things I've ever done.

The loneliness and waves of grief were unbearable.

I believe I know what you're going through.

My Boys were Harry, the Boston, and Willie Pug, here:

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I used Acupressure Point Tapping to help me release the pain from my energy system - which is a Chinese Medical perspective, so it doesn't keep recycling.

Tapping has been proven to decrease stress hormone (cortisol) levels.

Here's a video I made that will lead you through Tapping of the grief of losing your pet, so you can move through the pain and come out the other side: 

Click here to watch

I offer group Zoom webinars to lead you through your grief and to a place of peace.


So we can focus on their wonderful memories and the life lessons they taught us.

Qigong (chee-GUNG) principles are also a great life perspective, including the belief in ongoing energy.

Quantum Physics says the same thing.  Energy cannot be created nor destroyed.

So our pets' energy can be seen to be with us forever.  Something I found so healing.

Do send me an email, if you have questions.  I'll be so happy to share what I've learned to help bring you peace as well, Judy