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Updated: Oct 6, 2021


Here in the Pacific Northwest we've had hot and dry weather this summer, and forest fires have broken out everywhere.

I live in Central Oregon and we had a downpour yesterday. I was talking with my Chi Gung class 2 weeks ago about the following story and we have been putting the idea into practice since then.

Gregg Braden, a scientist, visionary and scholar (according to Deepak Chopra) tells a story about an American Indian friend of his who said he would show Gregg the 'Rain Dance'. New Mexico, at the time, was having a severe drought, and Gregg was researching the different, ancient forms of prayer.

He talks about walking out into the desert with his friend - then standing off at a distance, watching his friend, expecting to see some form of dance.

To his surprise, his friend stands still and turns his face and hands upward to the clear, blue sky. And remains there quietly for several minutes.

After a while, his friend returns and Gregg says 'I thought you were going to do a rain dance, to pray for rain.' (I'm summarizing here.)

His friend explains, 'I wasn't praying FOR rain, I was praying rain.'

In other words, praying for rain implied wishing for it in the future. And 'praying rain' was going into the feeling of gratitude for all that the Universe had already given him, and then choosing the experience of rain, as if it were happening right now.

So, his friend had turned his face and hands toward the sky and imagined feeling the rain on his skin. Feeling it using all his senses.

It rained shortly thereafter.

I've heard similar stories like this and believe hearing these stories from sources and Masters we trust, helps to build the faith that we also can create the experiences we choose. And it might be rain at the moment.

So. Food for thought. Let me know if you have stories to share that will encourage all of us. I'll add them to my weekly emails I send out to my readers.

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For more information, I believe this story is in Gregg's book "Secrets of the Lost Mode of Prayer." I couldn't find my copy but this cover looks familiar.

Wishing you peace, Judy

Judy Cameron was an OB-GYN & Ovarian Cancer researcher at UC San Francisco for 30 years, and because she became interested in what other cultures and natural disciplines had to say about healing, she began researching stress relief methods that actually prevented disease. Her specialties are Qigong, Acupressure Point Tapping, Mind-Body Medicine and Posture & Movement Therapy. Feel free to contact Judy at

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