Louise Hays' Mirror Exercise

Updated: Oct 6, 2021

Do you remember reading about this exercise in Louise's first book "You can Heal your Life"? I first did it with my college friend in the early 80's.

My friend was a truly beautiful, trim young gal but she had as little self confidence as I did at the time.

We were investigating everything we could think of to gain a feeling of self worth. And this looked like 'the ticket.'

Louise Hay was the first one I read who equated Self Love with good mental and physical health.

Louise Hays' Mirror Exercise

The exercise is basically to look at yourself in a mirror.

Take a moment to look yourself in the eye.

Then just say the words "I love you."

Sounded like a piece of cake.

I was sitting next to her on her couch, reading the exercise to her.

She picked up a hand mirror, sat there with determination and said "OK. Let's do this."

As she sat there with the mirror held up to her face, I read the directions again.

"Just look at your face. Look yourself in the eye and say 'I love you.'"

I will never forget what she did.

She sat there, trying to look herself in the eye, and said "OK..." "What do I say again?"

We both laughed but it was actually kind of shocking.

How could it be so hard to say "I love you"?

At the time it was so unfamiliar - so alien - to say those words to ourselves.

It's taken some practice and yet it is such a valuable exercise to undo the mental programming we've been given to make us believe that we aren't lovable.

I invite you to give it a try.

If the words "I love you" don't come easily, try acknowledging all the good things you feel you've done this week.

And if that isn't easy either, how about remembering the nice things friends have said about you?

It does take time, especially for us Empaths who are much more used to handing out the compliments.

My biggest challenge has been to say nice things about my body, especially as I get older and see the sagging skin and wrinkles.

Then I remember the miracle that allowed my body to heal from Lyme. That incredible Life Force that pulled me back to health.

That experience has made it much easier for me to give kind words to my body now.

And I keep getting more energy and feel better about myself and my life as I do so.

May you feel the same way - more peace as we go along.

Ciao Bella, Judy

PS: Your thoughts are always appreciated.

Wink in mirror

Judy Cameron was an OB-GYN & Ovarian Cancer researcher at UC San Francisco for 30 years, and because she became interested in what other cultures and natural disciplines had to say about healing, she began researching stress relief methods that actually prevented disease. Her specialties are Qigong, Acupressure Point Tapping, Mind-Body Medicine and Posture & Movement Therapy. Feel free to contact Judy at Judy@JudyCameron.com

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