A Guided Meditation for Peace of Mind

Could you use some peace of mind, given the virus and the politics? And whatever else...

I give a health or stress-related talk every Tuesday on behalf of the Sunriver Chamber* and last Tuesday I presented a Peace of Mind Meditation.

I gave all my best techniques and concepts and have turned it into a video (with gorgeous images of Nature - always the BEST way to relax) AND an audio so you can listen and...

go deep into the magnificence of who you are.

Here's the link to both: https://www.stressrelieversnow.com/videos

I hope you will enjoy them.

*If you'd like to join me LIVE, it'd be an honor to have you. Always an interesting and thought-provoking discussion. Here's the link to do so - and replays are posted on my website within a few days:


Plus you'll see next week's topic.

Please take good care of yourself and I wish you PEACE, Judy

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