Body Pain? Try Acupressure

Acupressure is ancient China’s ‘Do-it-Yourself’ Acupuncture.

Learn basic Acupressure Points to relieve headaches, back aches, insomnia and a variety of other issues naturally & easily.

We don't always have to pop a pain pill.  Sometimes our Chi - our Life Force - is just stuck and needs a brief massage to release the blockage.

Please join me Tuesdays at Noon Pacific LIVE to watch a slide show of this time-proven, easy-to-implement practice. Click here for the link to join:

And next week we'll talk about the benefits of ACTIVE SITTING.

We've recently learned that sitting still for hours on end is not good for our health. Learn some options to keep your body AWAKE when you do sit.

It'd be great to have you join in the conversation! All the best, Judy

Acupressure is ancient China’s ‘Do-it-Yourself’

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