Dealing with Disappointment

The other day I felt some major disappointment.

My husband didn’t do something I thought he should.

And I was triggered by it.

I’ve had some major disappointment in my life so he is, in fact, the perfect person to help me let go of the last of this old pattern:

So I can be closer to my goal of letting it be OK that people are going to do what they’re going to do – while I remain in peace.

I KNOW how important it is to feel my feelings. I’m clear on that now.

What I stopped doing long ago is letting those emotions recycle over and over through my energy system – which I see as similar to drinking poison over and over. There’s a toxic build-up.

Now I let my feelings – my disappointment, say, “Come on down” – as they say in the game shows.

I choose to let it express itself. I go somewhere private to Tap on my meridian points while feeling it.*

What I’ve learned, by training myself to do this, is that I HAVE THE POWER to stop my old ‘victim/poor me/blame others’ program in its tracks. (And I learned from “blame experts” in my matriarchal line, let me tell you!)

I’ve also learned that when life doesn’t go the way I want it to, it’s OK to feel disappointed.

Feeling our emotions is a part of our healing.

So, what is life trying to say to me when I experience these negative feelings?

It’s that life has a much bigger plan for me than me getting what I want, from my ego’s perspective.

My ego would love for me to have my husband act the way I think he should. And right now, as a matter of fact, would be best. For ME.

But when that doesn’t happen, I now see that life is about opening my larger awareness of how life works.

It’s NOT just about me getting the result I want, when I want it.

But rather, as I feel the disappointment, it opens me to see the value in NOT getting what I want right now.

What happens is that I’m allowing people to do what they do AS I STAY EMOTIONALLY NEUTRAL. (As long as they’re not hurting me, of course.)

Not because I’m TRYING to make that happen, but because it naturally happens as a result of Tapping while feeling my stuff.

And I can now see that other people are on their Conscious-Learning Path, in their timing.

Separate from me.

What I was doing before was getting happy WHEN my husband (or anyone else) did what I thought they should. As if my happiness depended on things always going my way.

By NOT getting the action from another I wanted, I am getting a much bigger gift: that of emotional balance, freedom from depending on others for my happiness and real peace of mind.

It doesn’t get much better than that, I figure.

Your thoughts? Just comment below. I’d love to hear.

Sending you good wishes, always, Judy

*PS: If you’d like a Tapping reminder, here’s a great video

to follow along with. Get your disappointment out of your system, yeah?

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