Feeling + [?] = Healing

Our little town was the only one in Oregon to host the mobile Vietnam Memorial "The Wall that Heals,' a replica of the Wall in Washington, DC. Our local Band of Brothers spent three years making it happen.

I had the honor of handing out our town's guide to its natural beauty which included a commemorative page about The Wall, as folks left in their cars.

In that insert, I included a flyer for a new, top-notch organization called Stress Solution that offers free help to military personnel in all countries.

When there was time, if it felt appropriate, I asked how the experience was for those that visited The Wall.

3 Vietnam Soldiers Statue

Most people were understandably choked up, and said it was very moving. Some said "war is hell" and we should be finding ways to avoid war. Some couldn't even speak.

My Dad never got the help he needed from his war trauma in WWII and it's the main reason I chose stress relief for my business.

For me, the solution to our emotional pain is to use energy psychology tools like EFT/ Tapping, Qigong, EMDR and those from HearthMath Institute, which studies the psychophysiology of stress, emotions, and the interactions between the heart and brain.

THESE tools are the missing piece of the equation: Feeling + Energy Psychology Tools = Healing.


Feeling + Energy Psychology Tools = Healing


We've known for a while that JUST talking about our stress or trauma to a counselor doesn't do much. Veterans who just used traditional 'talk therapy' still couldn't sleep or still smoked and/or drank too much, etc, 25 years later.

We certainly don't LIKE our painful feelings or what happened to us.

But our old pain is begging for a voice. It wants to be heard, by your kind heart, today. We don't necessarily need another kind person to do this for us. We CAN do this for ourselves, by ourselves. Your pain just wants to be held, like an injured child; so it can be released.

I go to a private, safe place and vent my feelings WHILE fingertip Tapping on my acupressure points. [See attached charts.] You may want to write yours out on paper. Tap as well, when your hand needs a break, on all the points one after the other, until you feel done.

Let your sadness and/or anger out, in your private room; ideally not in the presence of others, unless it's with an EFT Coach.

You may feel tired when you're done. You've let old energy go and a restful nap might be in order.

Our most common fear is that if we let our feelings out, they will never stop. My experience is they usually only last a few minutes. Then, relief and insights that had been blocked by their suppression start to come forth.

Our old memories and unexpressed feelings need our attention.

They need to be listened to, and you may need to be the kind, loving soul that listens to them, as if you are now the healed one listening to your hurt younger self.

Another option is to ask your Angel or the memory of a loving relative to come be by your side, energetically, to 'hold you' while you do this.

Whichever approach feels right to you, I hope you will give yourself this kindest of gifts. Freedom and joy are on the other side of this process.

If you need help, I would be honored to do a session with you. Thank you, Vets, for your service.

I'm wishing you the peace you deserve, Judy

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