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Updated: Oct 6, 2021

3 of 4 Americans feel lonely, according to a new study.** (Really?! Apparently so.)

So, it’s NOT just you or me. I used to feel lonely at the high society cocktail parties I attended in San Francisco.

The topics were generally related to status or how beautiful the house or car was.

I could feel lonely in a room full of people. No one to talk to about things that interested ME.

Which is why I like communicating with you. You who are interested in stress relief and getting beyond our stuck mental & physical patterns to what's important in our lives - joy, fulfillment, service, to name a few.

Today I wanted to HONOR that part of us that might feel lonely at times.

Always it’s about FEELING our feelings so they can move along. And NOT get stuck on the ‘hamster wheel.’

As you tap along with me, memories from your past may come up.

Whatever comes up is your subconscious mind trying to communicate with you.

These are GOLD NUGGETS! To feel better – and heal.

Tap on the feeling for a few minutes - see how you can breathe a bit more easily?

Even better, with practice, new ways of looking at the topic of ‘loneliness’ will come forth.

Here's the video.

When I was ’out in the stars’ - in my out-of-body experience 30-some years ago - you might think being out in the middle of the vast Universe would feel lonely.

However, it didn’t.

It felt more like the full expanse of Wisdom! It’s a perspective shift that we can bring into our human existence.

When I’m home alone and get a ‘niggling’ of loneliness, I use that feeling to refocus on ALL THE ENERGY THAT CREATED US.

Try using ‘loneliness’ to trigger doing some Tapping.

Tap out the loneliness feeling - and then insert your DESIRED feeling.

Tapping (or acupressure) has been used for ages to move our painful feelings and memories on out of our system.

So we can feel better right now.

Here's the video again.

Thought for the day, Wishing you peace, Judy

PS: I’m cooking up my latest Tapping webinar series. Maybe twice a month. Maybe weekly. To be determined.  

**“The extent of loneliness detected in the study was a "surprise, because this was a normal population," said senior researcher Dr. Dilip Jeste, a professor of psychiatry and neuroscience with the University of California, San Diego. "This was not a group of people at high risk for emotional problems."”

“Wisdom appeared to be a strong factor in avoiding feelings of loneliness, the researchers said. People who had qualities of wisdom -- empathy, compassion, control over their emotions, self-reflection -- were much less likely to feel lonely.”

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