Herbs for covid?

I am hoping you’re coping with the continued stress in today’s world. I think we’re all taking life’s advanced course right now. The one NOT for weenies!

Here’s some help though:

I recently bought a couple of books by a knowledgeable author I really like.

The one I want to share with you today is called ‘Herbal Antivirals’ because it has a section specific for the SARS group, including covid-19.

If you’re someone who likes to look for natural remedies to our health problems, I highly recommend these books for your reference shelf.

I believe Mother Nature is our greatest medicine cabinet.

(But check with your western medical health professional first if you’re in both camps.)

I’ve included images of the pages that speak to not only PREVENTION but also TREATMENT.

I found these tinctures on Amazon by searching for ‘polygonum cuspidatum tincture’, for example.

Here’s to your good health! Judy

PS: The other book is similar. It’s called ‘Herbal Antibiotics.’ Both are by Stephen Harrod Buhner and can also be found on Amazon.

Herbal Antivirals:


Make sure you see the cover with the latest covid update. 😊

Herbal Antibiotics: https://www.amazon.com/Herbal-Antibiotics-2nd-Alternatives-Drug-resistant/dp/1603429875/ref=sr_1_1?crid=1OS0WVOAWZMCT&keywords=herbal+antibiotics+stephen+buhner&qid=1641591638&sprefix=herbal+antibio%2Caps%2C236&sr=8-1

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