Huge Benefits of 'Time Off'

Updated: Feb 4

Greetings in this new year.

I started it off by house and dog-sitting a friend’s house, a fancy yurt, on the Rogue River for the month of January. What a treat.

And my main goal was to create some quiet, reflective time for myself to unwind.

The most valuable thing I learned is the importance of unplugging from technology, social media and even commitments I’ve made to serve, for a while, with the goal of REFRESHING.

I spent time in Nature, to be still: watched the moon move or the breeze gently bounce branches for more than five minutes. More like two hours at a time.

And when I found myself going back to my old habit of having to DO SOMETHING (as a recovering Over-Doer), my dog-sitting charge would remind me, in creative ways, to remember to take time to play and laugh.

Even more remarkable, in this extended quiet time, while just sitting still or in doing my Qigong movements, I was able to connect more deeply with what I know as the Truth of us – that we are the original, Loving Source energy of the Universe.

That’s a big deal to be able to remember.

Because in this beautiful place, I feel safe.

Most importantly, I’ve learned is that I need to give my body and mind this ‘space’ more and more because they need time to ‘trust’ this as Truth, especially given all the stressors and related anxiety of today’s world which have caused us to feel less safe than ever, I suspect.

Safety is a precious feeling, a worthy goal to make happen as often as we can.

Any thoughts you’d like to contribute would be most welcome. Love, Judy

The moon through the yurt ceiling window!

The invisible train across the river. I love trains.

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