"I'll be happy WHEN..."

Lately, I have been finding the BEST insights come my way when I keep focusing on one practice.

Like most of us, I was taught that happiness lay in accomplishments or things.

"I'll be happy WHEN I lose x pounds" was a big one.

Or "I'll be happy WHEN I get the house or the job."

Or $500 million dollars would surely do it, right?!

Some of the best wisdom to come my way has been the practice of being GRATEFUL for what I already have.

Having been paralyzed with Lyme years ago, I was shocked when I could not lift myself out of the bath. My arms just did not work.

So every time I lift myself up now out of the bath, I feel very grateful.

I had bronchitis once and it was excruciating to take a breath.

Now, in every moment I remember, I feel extremely grateful for the ease of my breath.

I was researching a book by an author from Africa for my book club recently and so got on Google Earth to take a 'drive' around and see the area he was from.

I was truly shaken by the poverty I saw.

It sure made me grateful for clean water coming out of my tap!

And on it goes.

Worries start to melt away and it shifts my energy state too.

From there my calmness or peace of mind in the moment is then more attractive to good things coming my way in the future - material things and good feelings.

So, I'd encourage you to develop a habit of being thankful.

I've done it in spurts in the past but now it's a habit I love because it returns me to what's really important, you know? And may it you as well.

Wishing you such a good day. And life. Peace, Judy

PS: I bought this card and have it by my desk. Another reminder, right? And beautiful too. :)

The artist is Anahata Joy Katkin from papayaart.com

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