I'm switching gears


It's finally Spring here in Central Oregon. I'm trying to start a garden and the (supposed) last frost was 2 days ago. My solution has been to use cloth pots this year. So I can carry them in and out as the weather allows. Pictures below.

But, more to the point, the gears I'm switching are from coaching to writing.

I've spent many years working with some remarkable people and have collected some wise truths and powerful tools along the way.

I had a major insight a few months ago: that if I could share this knowledge, through story-telling, I would be able to help KIDS - before they got to the traumatized state I meet many adult clients in.

This idea has really lit me up.

My goal is to help kids with bullying, so they can navigate their young lives into confidence sooner than later.

I won't be blogging very often hereforth as I've chosen to dedicate my time to this project.

So, speaking of children, I'd like to leave you with a short video about the friendship between the Dalai Lama and Desmond Tutu. One friend who knows them both describes their relationship as one of "8 year old boys!"

Their laughter is contagious. https://youtu.be/_nlUl5yNgIE

I sure do wish you all the good there is in the world. Until we meet again, Peace, Judy

PS: My portable garden!

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