More to COVID-19 than we thought

I get it if you’re tired of hearing about this virus… BUT.

THIS is the most viable, well-researched data I’ve seen, eloquently described by Zach Bush, MD, regarding probable COVID-19 causes – a fascinating and hopeful discussion, explaining our Earth’s biome and how we fit in.

  • ·Why is the US’s population sicker than other countries? We’re 35th on the list.

  • ·What’s the deal with soil biology and why does it matter to me?

  • ·How does the mindset of our MDs – developed from their training – affect our health?

  • ·And the conversation continues into our Revered Elderly, the sterility of death and the beauty of life!

I’m still thinking about this information a week later.

And watching my mind continue to shift from its 30 years of western medical ‘programming’ while working at UC San Francisco.

I’d be so interested to hear what YOU think. Wishing you well, Judy

More about Zach and his research here:

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