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Updated: Oct 6, 2021


My website company, Wix.com, is always coming up with better ways for me to serve you, I have to say.

Now I have a couple of new ways to give you my latest ideas for stress reduction and methods to change old habits that CAUSE stress in the first place.

1. One to look for will be more quick, entertaining & educational video tips

2. Secondly, they have a new blog feature that makes connecting more fun

More on them soon.

So, here’s what I’ve realized about us humans:

Yes, I’ve got time-proven tools that naturally help us release old mental programming (that create our current results) and ‘install’ new, desired blueprints.

The trick is to use these tools regularly.

Most of us settle for ‘better’ but don’t go for ‘BEST.’

It’s either too expensive or time-consuming.

So, I’ve decided the perfect timing would be a regular online class twice a month.

A class that’s conveniently offered in your home via the internet, and that is only 40 minutes long but packed with just what we need to create new neural pathways in our brains, so our new habits STICK.

Also, inexpensive. With single or package pricing. See below.*

AND, as we’re growing into an international audience, I’ll be offering 2 time slots.

Here are the details of what I’ll lead you through:

I’ve been getting more and more insights from Source [The Universe/ Chi] about what is needed when, for each client.

New, probing questions to ask that bring you answers.

Source WANTS to guide you to your Highest Potential.

Plus, combining these questions with tried-and-true methods that work.

And here are THEIR benefits:

Acupressure Point Tapping:

  • Ancient China’s Do-it-Yourself Self-Care De-Stress Method

  • Proven to decrease our stress hormone, cortisol

  • Releases the ‘charge’ on old memories that keep us stuck in the same old habits or patterns

  • Allows us to insert our new, desired feelings & patterns - deep into our subconscious minds

  • When our new patterns are more familiar to this part of our minds, our results change

  • Ergo the need for repetition of this high quality ‘input’ – and ending the OLD, repetitive ‘tapes’

Life-giving principles of Qigong (similar to Tai Chi):

  • Breathing in Love-filled Chi (the ‘Life Force’) to shift your energy system into high gear

  • Specific, ancient breath patterns release energy blockages & allow your natural rhythm of Chi to flow, bringing you peace of mind & balance

  • Particular Qigong movements serve & balance different organ systems in our bodies

Posture principles:

  • Did you know our posture has a huge amount to do with how well our Chi flows, and the amount of pain in our bodies?

  • You don’t see Martial Arts, Tai Chi or Qigong Masters slouching. There’s a reason.

  • Plus, the POWER you develop combining good posture AND Qigong is so confidence-boosting

Guided meditations:

  • With a deep infusion of Universal Love that YOU source from the Divine, as I ask the questions I’m given in the moment

  • PRECIOUS and VITAL self-nurturing time to practice being kind to yourself

  • And essential time in-between calls to assimilate your new mindset, allowing our body to adjust to its new frequency

THIS is where the healing begins!

Times (Pacific): Tuesdays at 10am & Thursdays at 4pm

Check your time zone here.

*Pricing: You can pay for one class at a time for $9.99 or 2 classes ($8.99 each) or 4 classes ($5.99 each.) Paypal converts your country’s currency, FYI. Go here to sign up. (Scroll down on that page.)

I’d love to have you!

Let me know if you’d like to join us, or have questions, by replying to this email.

Wishing you Peace, Judy

PS: Again, you can be as private as you like on the calls. Quiet as a mouse & asking questions by email, or asking your questions live. Your choice. We’re all in the same ‘Stress boat’ so hopefully you will feel comfortable and gain great insights and peace.

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