What is Body-Mind-Spirit Communication?

Updated: Oct 6, 2021

I am SO excited to tell you about my latest sessions with my coach because they have reached new places of awareness for me, which has led to even greater happiness and life flow.

Yes, my sessions have included Tapping and yet they’ve also expanded into what I might call Body-Mind-Spirit Communication.

Traditionally, Tapping ‘takes down’ the stress level on a particular emotion or memory, so it doesn’t affect us anymore.

And Tapping, with practice, can also INSTALL a new desired feeling, of relaxation or joy - or whatever you choose.

We know this already.

The difference is the questions my coach has been asking me.

Here’s how the first session went, that made a profound impact:

My issue boiled down to never having felt taken care of by Angels. Never getting a response, even in my darkest hours.

I would hear friends say ArchAngel So-and-So gave them guidance about this or that. And that never happened for me.

Despite my actually begging for help.

So, we started asking this hurt part, as if it were my child or younger person, what she needed.

The answer was that she wanted to truly trust that the Universe would take care of her.

The image that came to me was one of myself as a child, hiding in a closet.

I didn’t ‘create’ the scene. It just came to me.

My coach asked me to ask my hurt child:

“What do you need?”

“How may I help you?” Asking from my Highest Self, or my ideal parent, you might say.

What starts happening is that the imagery, the answers, the story-telling starts to flow.

And with the combination of the nurturing assistance of My Highest Self (or it might be God, for you?) the healing is extraordinary.

Next, an amorphous, amoeba-shaped blob shows up in front of me, in my mind’s eye.

I instantly ‘knew’ (somehow) that this blob WAS a blob-shape because it could become ANY form of assistance I needed. Not just an Angel!

The way a single cell can become anything - a brain, a muscle or an eyeball.

The blob ‘knew’ that my little girl didn’t trust people, so it created a small blob extension that you might think could be an arm, and it reached out to me. Part way.

At that moment, my little girl knew that this was a gesture of safety.

She knew could not be pushed or dominated anymore. She needed to be respected. Allowed to build her sense of security.

Then trust would come, with time.

In fact, my ‘kid self’ felt safe rather quickly. And then curious.

And she decides to reach out to the blob’s arm.

And touches it. It feels nice. Like puppy fur. (Of course. Because it’s ME, The Dog Lover.) So, she reaches a bit further and holds the blob’s lower arm.

The blob responds, gently.

They hold each other’s arms sweetly for a bit.

She wants to know the blob’s name.

It says ‘Amore’ (which is Italian for ‘Love’.)

She laughs.

Of course. At first it was Amorphous. Then like an Amoeba. Then Amore.

(I love all the nuances of our imagination, or the Universe, whichever.)

At that point Amore responds by becoming abundantly MORE.

It sprouts many tiny arms - and looks like an acupressure ball, with nubs all over it!

The main point here is that our intuitive, innate essence is naturally FULL of POTENTIAL and POSSIBILITY.

It wants us to expand - and feel our natural joy.

So next time you feel limited, bring this to mind.

Remember it’s the focusing on our True Selves that unravels our old conditioning/ programming and allows the good feelings and circumstances to come our way more easily and often.

It also helps to draw what you see, to be able to focus on it later. See what I saw below.

It makes me smile when I look at it.

My Amore ‘Angel’.

Seeing YOUR Highest Self, Judy

Judy Cameron was an OB-GYN & Ovarian Cancer researcher at UC San Francisco for 30 years, and because she became interested in what other cultures and natural disciplines had to say about healing, she began researching stress relief methods that actually prevent disease. Her specialties are Qigong, Acupressure Point Tapping, Mind-Body Medicine and Posture & Movement Therapy. Feel free to contact Judy at Judy@JudyCameron.com

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