Need more Energy? Time to Relax and Unwind?

Updated: Oct 6

ChiGung is one of ancient China’s Mind-Body healing systems that focuses on time-proven body movements and breath patterns that increase serenity and offer hope of true health.

ChiGung can boost your vitality, strengthen your immune system, help you out of pain and bring you lighter moods. It also helps with posture because you stand taller, look more confident and are less likely to fall (or easier to get up, if you do.)

Similar to Tai Chi, which is a healing and self-defense practice, ChiGung focuses solely on healing our stressed minds and overworked bodies.

Notice how both disciplines share the word Chi (Chee) which translates to Universal Wisdom – the Life Force – which animates and energizes us. ChiGung increases access to this energy so we have more available to live fully.