Stop your Emotional Pain

All of us want to live a happy, healthy life.

We just want to be seen, understood and loved.

However, our emotional pain hurts our minds and bodies. It affects our life results as well.

Having had trauma in my life, I have been on a quest to find the best techniques and concepts to heal myself.

In the process, I met an extraordinary woman who was as committed as me to healing herself, Laura Taylor.

Over the years, and many trainings later, we developed a compassion, respectful and effective approach to healing our wounds.

We've just started a private Facebook group called 'Stop your Emotional Pain' and we wanted to invite you to join us there, if it felt right.

Our goal is to provide short video tips and concepts that help us learn to gently approach and digest our painful thoughts and feelings that cause our repetitive patterns and health issues.

The link is here:

We'd love to have you, Judy and Laura

Laura You know me Our mascot

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