Suffering has a noble purpose

So, a few of you have written me and I see there is a general theme, in my Facebook group AND in the world right now, of being DONE with the suffering…

I GET it! I’m with you.

And I have a few ideas that have worked for me, that I’d like to share.

First, I just watched the movie ‘The Shack’ over the weekend for the first time. (It’s the actual movie from the book, not the author’s story of how he wrote the book, that you’d look for - on Amazon Prime.)

It’s the story of a father whose daughter dies and how he goes through his grief and anger, and eventually comes out with a deeper understanding of how life or God works.

It’s quite insightful - a new (to me), loving perspective shift on the Christian belief system. I’d recommend it.

Another view on why suffering exists in our world – drawn from several spiritual teachers I follow – is that suffering is what our consciousness/energy state/soul chooses to experience in order to deepen our understanding of what LOVE is truly about.

(Of course, our human self would much rather just have the perfect car, job, health, bank account and relationship, etc, right now please!)

When I had my out-of-body experience 30+ years ago, I got to experience what PURE Love was like. It was beyond words, really, but I can best describe it as freedom, kindness and complete understanding all rolled into one.

And coming back into my body, when I did, was beyond painful. Emotionally painful because my life, at the time, was filled with stress and disappointment.

“Why weren’t things working out the way I wanted them to?”

Long story short, I have discovered that I can USE my suffering, or even the suffering I witness in others, as a reminder to stop what I’m doing and just think of things that fill me with Love: being with puppies, going out for dinner with my husband, a great memory of a time with my Father or the time my buddy Laura and I hiked up to Multnomah Falls on the Columbia River Gorge. It was exhilarating!

And in doing so, I activate Love’s power within me.

I activate the greatest force in our Universe – the power of Love to shift anything.

The magnificent force of Love shifts my energy state to its energy state – and THIS is the source of creativity from which ease, joy and new ideas flow.

Yes, it’s hard in the beginning to create this new habit of shifting out of the ‘suffering focus’ most of us have been trained to look at BUT it is the MOST valuable skill to develop.

Yes, it’s hard to REMEMBER to practice in the beginning!

But we CAN do it.

Plus, as more of us practice doing this, the world is shifting.

I now see that more and more people are talking about the extraordinary transformative ability of Love energy and THIS fills me with great hope.

So, the next time your mind fills with the feeling of suffering, see if you can stop it in its tracks and refocus on what brings Love into your heart.

You ARE that powerful.

And it may take more than 5 minutes to turn your life around. It might take months of practice, who knows.

What I do know is the more we do this, life starts to shift BECAUSE life is made of Love Energy and we are now aligning with it. Peace comes. More joy comes. Better health comes. Things open up.

Do let me know what you think, if you like.

Here's to your happiness, Judy

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And here's a quick video that's practically guaranteed to bring a smile to your face. :)

Dolphins flying through the waves represent total joy to me.

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