Sunriver Chamber's Lunch & Learn is now online

Please join me, Judy Cameron, for stress & health-related topics on Zoom. 

Every Tuesday at noon to 1pm.

Starting August 4th, 2020.

I will present live or show an interesting video. 

Q&A at the end.  

Bring your lunch to your computer and join in the conversation! 

Aug 4th's topic:

During uncertain times, everyone's stress levels increase. Increased stress levels damage your physical health and impact your thoughts, feelings and behavior. 

Ancient Chinese medicine recognized this human condition thousands of years ago and developed practices that continue to this day, to help reduce the negative impacts of stress.

Join me, from the comfort of the location of your choice, to learn the oldest form of Chi Gung - what it is and all of its healing benefits.  It's ancient China's Mind-Body healing system.

Click on this link a few minutes ahead of time:

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For more details, click here:

I look forward to being with you then! Judy

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