Tax_Money Anxiety Relief Meditation

Updated: Oct 6, 2021

Just in time for tax season…

Any chance you get anxious about money?

Most of us do.

So, I’ve created a 20-minute Money Anxiety Relief Meditation audio to help quell those feelings, AND keep instilling the programming we’d LIKE to have about money - in our subconscious minds.

Use it to relax your mind.

Meditation here.

These programs we were given in childhood are the blueprints for our money success now.

Unless we change them.

And if you know how to Tap, use these soothing phrases frequently to deepen your new money program.

Here's a video I made about how to do Acupressure Point Tapping (also known as Meridian Tapping or EFT), so you can use these 'healthy money' phrases - or your own, of course - WHILE tapping to go deeper and faster.

Click here.

May this meditation not only ease your financial worries but also begin infusing your new money template.

Yes, it takes practice. This is why I have ongoing webinars to help with your new mindset training.

Email me for my schedule and I'll be glad to send it your way.

Wishing you ‘Money Flow.’ Ciao, Judy

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Money is growing. It's about practicing a new mindset.

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