The Trick to Happiness

Happiness has been of life-long interest to me.

It seemed to be elusive.

My mother thought shopping for clothes would make her happy, and I picked up that habit. After a couple of hours, though, I usually regretted it. I wasn’t any happier.

Society says it’s the bigger house, the perfect relationship or more money in the bank that will make us happier.

In my early years, I thought I had all of those things.

I kept thinking, then, I should be happier than I was.

I’m sure this motivated me to keep searching. Through mountains of books. For years. You too?

I’m happy to say – ha! – that I have some new information that is practical and useful, that comes from spiritual teacher Matt Kahn.

This is what I am practicing now and wanted to share with you.

First of all, as we’ve figured out, it’s an inside job.

Matt says our lack of happiness comes from being distracted from our innate state of awareness, our innate state of Love.

He says we’re driven to do this because we have a fear of missing out on… ‘something.’ Fill in the blank for what it is for you.

By jumping on the next text that comes in, by googling our answers versus being quiet and listening for them, by binge-watching Netflix episodes to avoid facing the pain in our lives, by excessive drinking or sugar consumption. Or even thinking I HAD to have more spiritual information. That there never was enough. I’ve done all of these.

And begun my healing journey by giving myself compassion, realizing that these distractions are part of the process. They were teachers - they were HOW I’ve come to (mostly) letting these patterns go.

It makes sense to me that, again, “Love is the answer” as, when I was out of my body, in the stars, I KNEW that Love was our pure, all-knowing, eternal energy state.

And we’ve come into bodies to learn to return to this state of Love WHILE in our bodies, versus historically only upon dying.

It’s been a long road for many of us, yes? But I also think many of us are now realizing that this Love CAN be felt, more and more, in our daily lives.

It requires doing whatever it takes to remember this Truth of us, more often.

Put up notes or photos of people or dogs you love, talk with like-minded friends, as in our FB group, or listen to inspirational audios.

The other piece of the Happiness Equation we already know but it bears repeating:

Being grateful for what we already have. Practicing being content or happy with what we already have, knowing that it’s the pattern of “I’ll be happy WHEN I get the next thing” that we want to release.

I have found as I sit with myself, quietly, without my phone or TV or internet and just commune with my Innate Self, the more I remember this “Puppy Energy” of sweet, adoring Love.

And the more joy I feel. Joy, Happiness, Peace.

As always, I appreciate your thoughts.

Thank you for reading, Judy

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