Tips for Staying Cool in this Heat

Good reminders even if we’ve heard them before:

For you:

• Spray bottle – filled with cold water - in the fridge = refreshing!

• Put skin toner in the fridge. Cools your feet right down.

• Plastic water bottle in freezer. Take it with you for icy water.

• Wear light-colored, loose cotton clothing

• Self-cooling pillow pads (Sharper Image)

• Decrease your exertion level

• Drink more water and electrolyte drinks

• Go out at cooler times of day

Cold water poured into your cap before walking. Keeps your head cool.

Cold water to a neck bandanna. Same idea. Keep refreshing it as it dries.

• Cool meals, like salads. Avoid using the oven.

• Have that ice cream or sherbet! :)

For your home:

• Close the doors to unused rooms

• Change to LED bulbs, at least those you sit next to

• Turning on exhaust in kitchen or bathroom sucks out warm air

Turn ceiling fans to counter-clockwise. This pushes air down to create a cool breeze.

For your pets:

• Dogs with heavy coats can use a river, pet pool or bathtub to keep cool

• Remember, pavement can burn dog paws – bring a pad to stand on (or staying home in the AC is best)

If no AC:

• As above, plus…

• Open windows at night, close in cool air by closing windows in early a.m.

• Remember the idea of putting a bowl of ice in front of your box fan? It really works.

• Insulated window film cuts heat coming in

• Black-out curtains, especially in the south & west-facing rooms of your office or home

• Sail shades or awnings outside your windows

• Go to our local lakes. Jump in!

• Go to the library, grocery store or movie theater. Use someone else’s AC.

Take good care and have fun! Wishing you a wonderful July, Judy

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