Viruses: Ways to Stay Healthy

Given there is so much focus on covid these days, I wanted to offer several resources that I have found to help increase immunity and, even more importantly, decrease fear.

May you use them to feel safer and stronger. Wishing you Peace, Judy

1. Zach Bush, MD on our relationship to viruses, including covid, entitled “What happened last year.”

It’s detailed so I’d suggest just listening for the summary statements. The big picture about our increased disease state has decreased my fear.

I’m unclear why this information isn’t being presented on our TV news.

2. My Qigong Master on how to protect ourselves from covid:

Including a soup recipe to increase immunity & two effective Qigong moves

3. EFT [Tapping] Researcher Dawson Church’s EcoMeditation on ‘Fear of Infectious Disease’:


• A critical factor in whether you get sick is the strength of your immune system. High levels of immunity mean lower risk for disease.

• I've done clinical trials evaluating levels of immunoglobulins.

• These are Y-shaped antibodies in our mucous membranes (mouth, nose, sinuses, gut, etc.). They bind to invading viruses and bacteria and mark them for destruction.

• Research shows that positive emotions raise immunoglobulin levels while stress and fear lower them.

• Positive emotions and high immunoglobulin are associated with reduced rates of respiratory tract infection (Reid et al., 2001).

• In one study, a combination of EFT tapping and Eco Meditation raised immunoglobulins 113% in a week (Bach et al., 2019). In another study, just two days raised immunoglobulins 27% (Groesbeck et al, 2018).

• I've made a meditation ("Fear of Infectious Disease ") that incorporates EFT and Eco Meditation. Use above link.

4. Spiritual Teacher Matt Kahn’s meditation to shift our energetic template about covid and its greater purpose in our human evolution:

[The file is too big to insert here but email me at and I will send it to you.] :)

5. Intelligent Trees

In learning more about how amazing trees are – and how they communicate - this video is a piece of the puzzle in realigning with Mother Nature, and regaining our health

6. The Grand Biocentric Design by Robert Lanza, MD

The latest in consciousness research

This remarkable book series explores how when we humans understand we are PART of Nature versus continuing to try to dominate it, we can learn the Universe’s great secret: HOW life creates reality

7. Are you Military? Or know someone who is? Get relief from PTSD – especially with the added stress of covid – with 6 FREE, professional Energy Psychology sessions. Click the GET HELP now button if you need help right away.

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