When love isn't Love

Updated: Oct 6, 2021

This was a harsh lesson for me, given we’ve been brainwashed as kids with the Cinderella story – finding Love WHEN we get married, find the partner, the other person to complete us.

Have you had parents, caregivers or partners tell you they loved you? Only to have their love be given when their conditions are met?

This happened to me over and over as a young person.

What I’ve found is that few people actually know what Pure Love is:

That Love I felt out in the stars. When I had my out-of-body experience 30-some years ago.

My innocent misunderstanding, as a child, was thinking that my Mother and teachers DID know what Pure Love was.

Even as an adult, when I chose to work only part-time at the University and branch out to do Body-Mind work, one of my bosses hired a business coach to improve our sales. This woman professed to fully understand a Loving approach to life.

At one point, though, she started screaming at me in a meeting.

My reaction - you may guess - was to back up into my shell as far as I could to get away from her. My eyes were wide, I remember that!

She later told me she had wanted to get me to stand up for myself. Not be a doormat any longer.

Well, shortly afterward, I did stand up for myself. I left the company.

I ‘got it’ that I was clearer about Real Love than she was.

And that’s a good point.

If we grow up with people who say “I love you” but then treat us unlovingly or expect favors in order to earn their love, it’s so confusing.

And hurtful.

The ULTIMATE mixed message.

What I found - especially after having experienced Pure Love out in the stars - was that many people are looking for this Love – and most of us have been looking for It from other people.

Who haven’t yet found It either.

So, again, I just want to reiterate the need for us to find this True Love for ourselves.

From here (I’m pointing at my heart), life flows.

It can even start with just taking a moment for a deep breath. Realizing this breath can be thought of as The Life Force.

Which is the Great Provider of Love.

Healing Love.

As they’ve taught in Qigong for thousands of years.

Eventually we begin to FEEL this Love replenish our systems and fill our hearts.

And it takes practice.

So, if you’d like to join our twice a month call, where we’ll let go of the old painful memories and patterns…

…and develop new pathways in our human brains of familiar Soul Knowledge.

Returning to our inherent Core of Love.

Check it out here.

And thank you for being here. You are beautiful.

Wishing you Peace. Always, Judy

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