When someone is Selfish, Oblivious, Rude

Updated: Oct 6, 2021

I know an amazing gal – Tammy – who is a Conflict Resolution Professor from New Hampshire.

I met her at a business conference a couple of years ago.

Her latest story about an annoying woman grabbed me because, on first glance, the woman seemed to me to have narcissistic traits.

And I could relate to Tammy’s irritation and initial judgments.

Pretty eye-opening.

Thought you might appreciate the story too.

Read here

Here's to a new perspective, Judy

Judy Cameron was an OB-GYN & Ovarian Cancer researcher at UC San Francisco for 30 years, and because she became interested in what other cultures and natural disciplines had to say about healing, she began researching stress relief methods that actually prevented disease. Her specialties are Qigong, Acupressure Point Tapping, Mind-Body Medicine and Posture & Movement Therapy. Feel free to contact Judy at Judy@JudyCameron.com

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