Why are Buddha’s eyes half open?

Don’t most of us meditate – or attempt to quiet our minds – by closing our eyes? To block out the stimulation of the world?

That works, right?

Well, quite frankly, I have always had a hard time quieting my mind. It has been the proverbial Monkey Mind. Like herding cats. Or monkeys. I ‘blame’ this on being taught to be hyper-vigilant and productive in my medical research job.

But recently I have learned another way to go within.

And it started with taking a closer look at Buddha’s eyes.

Evidently, by closing our eyes we are more likely to go into a dream-like state. That place where our brains want to go to sleep. And I often have just fallen asleep, only to get mad at myself for ‘failing’ to meditate correctly.

Here’s what the Buddhists say Buddha is doing by having his eyes half open:

He is aware of his third eye, the vision that is cosmic, Universal and inwardly directed. The half-closed eye.

He is also aware that he has a human body and lives in the world.

So, by keeping his eyes half open, he is focusing on what is in front of him. Keeping that connection to the world WHILE also going deep within.

He is looking for the STILLNESS already within us. Versus ‘making’ those thoughts calm down.

Try sitting and look at an object below eye level, say on a table in front of you. I look at my knee sometimes. And sit there until your mind wants to STOP doing this! Sit there for another minute or two, moving through that thought that wants you to be done with this craziness. And repeat tomorrow.

You will eventually feel quite relaxed and more connected to Source, God or your next inspiration, I promise.

It’s quite an eye-opener. Haha.

Thinking of you, Judy

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