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What excellent, sexy uplifted posture looks like

See how great this gal looks?

What slouching looks like

Can you see how slouching ages us?

What's Good Posture got to do with Success?

Your posture - your body language -
communicates your level of:


  • Confidence

  • Self-Knowledge

  • Success

  • And it's very attractive! 

  • At a primal, subconscious level

We've been programmed to "know"  
what good posture and movement

indicate, since the beginning of time. 

It's hard-wired into us.

Why not learn these innate cues -

and get ahead in business and life?

Judy's posture before & after

1983                                       1985

Here's me, before & after

I learned about posture & bio-mechanics.

I was in a lot of pain before, trying to keep up with
my marathon friends.

Before & After posture analysis can help us see our old posture and ingrain new, confident body language.  


An uplifted spine can help us get out of pain. 

And look and feel better!

Before & after posture photos
Before & after posture photos

The Attractiveness of Great Body Language:

  • Learn how important Body Language is to success

  • ​Look and feel confident

  • How to correct your posture to get out of pain

  • Feel and look younger & stronger 

  • Smaller waistline?!  Yes     

  • Flatter looking belly and smaller looking derriere just with postural shifts                 

  • Know the common, core principles of Pilates,

      yoga, dance & martial arts 

  • Easy to use modules: 11 video series as mp4s

  • Technique overview checklist pdf

  • 3 bonuses!

    • Pilates Plank for sexy arms & core strength

    • How to sit down and get up elegantly

    • Learn how to 'hinge' like a dancer!

  • Money back guarantee

  • $99  Buy here

Slide showing poor posture's effect on our health & body language

Disclaimer: Please know that I usually see clients in person so by giving you this information in this format, I know you know your body better than I do.  Please use my advice gently or wait until you are out of any pain before proceeding.  Email me your questions, if you like, at

I know you will love how you look and feel when your new posture is ingrained, Judy


Posture Analysis:

  • Have your BEFORE front and side posture photos analyzed

  • See your potential pain points to avoid injuries

  • What do you see in your own posture and body language?

  • What would you like to shift?

  • Receive a short report of areas to watch

  • After you study the Posture & Movement program above, come back to have your AFTER posture photos analyzed - see your progress

  • Email me first for directions re. sending your photos please


Money back guarantee


Video Analysis of your Walk, Hike, Run or Cycle:

  • Have your bio-mechanics (movement) analyzed

    • back & side

  • Increase efficiency, power and often speed!

  • See your potential pain points to avoid injuries

  • Or see weak points to heal more quickly

  • What do you 'read' in your movement patterns?

  • What would you like to shift?

  • Receive a short report of areas to concentrate on

  • In person or via sending me your video footage

  • On trail or treadmill                  

What's the difference between Walking and Hiking,

you ask?  Great question!

  • Walking is on a flat surface.

  • Hiking is up or down hills.


Money back guarantee



  • Customize a workshop to your needs

    • In person or via webinar

  • Webinars can include several participants internationally

  • Instruction can include slides and/or photos & video

  • Learn personalized posture and/or movement education

    • Via pre-submitted photos and/or video

  • Discover the power of Body Language

  • Question & answer period

  • Receive a short report of shifts to make

    • Or recorded webinar to review

  • After you study the Posture & Movement program,
    come back to have your After photos/video analyzed
    - see your progress!

  • Email me for great possibilities and pricing:

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  • The ultimate get-away to rejuvenate!

  • Ingrain great body bio-mechanics and new mental programs for pain-free movement & happiness

  • Morning hikes out in Mother Nature

  • Personal chef/ catered, healthy meals

  • Luxury lodging for premier 'me' time

  • Fun, educational sessions: Bio-Mechanics, Qigong, Tapping, etc.

  • Locations (so far): Maui, New Hampshire in the Fall, Oregon & N Calif

  • Email me for great possibilities and pricing:

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Lux accomodations for our retreats
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Delicious, healthy meals prepared for you