If you're anxious, deprssed or stressed, you can be calm, confident & fulfilled

I was nervous to start but it's so worth it to face the old memories because I feel so calm now; and clear about my next step. Relief!

Lynda P

Oh my gosh! Today’s session was SOOO freeing for me. I feel so positive. I have been disgusted with [name] for years. You gave me such a gift today, showing me how to deal with her. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Namaste Judy!

Kay P

I feel so very different! Somehow lightened & new. Thank you for holding the High Watch over me and guiding me so expertly, Judy!

Beth T

Private work is for those who are ready to fully change old habits,
relieve pain and develop peace of mind & fulfillment.


It takes commitment and courage. 

I provide a safe, kind and supportive space
to let go of old programming that reveals the Truth within you -
your greatest joy, passion & potential.



Weekly 1 hour sessions (4/mo)


  • Tapping reveals YOUR High Guidance -

          using my unique, intuitive Guidance

  • Qigong Healing

  • Gentle posture correction

  • Journaling

  • Art Therapy

  • Meditation

  • Get clear about your unique gifts & purpose

  • Serve from your Highest Vision

  • Nutrition & gut health guidance, if desired

  • Sugar addiction assistance, if desired

  • Weekly assignments

  • Accountability

  • Email support

  • Free access to  

       "The Attractiveness of Great Body Language
       - using your Posture & Stride"

  • Free Qigong video series

  • Membership in my Facebook group:

       Stop your emotional Pain

2 & 3 month commitments
receive price breaks