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At Checkout, select both Main & Bonus Trainings, then enter promo code word 'Bonus' to receive Bonus Training for free.


Would you like to walk like a Dancer?  Someone who’s been trained for years to move with grace, without that time commitment?


This series offers the core, common principles of Yoga, Pilates, Dance and the Martial Arts, all in one simple-to-understand self-paced program.


Carol Watson-Brand (my friend & Pilates Instructor) and I met while studying Movement Therapy in the 1980’s, which includes a Body-Mind Connection. 


This series is the mechanics portion of movement.*


This training is in 2 parts and includes 11 videos that teach posture & movement principles that will, step-by-step, lead you to putting all the pieces together so you can glide while you walk, creating the body language that portrays confidence and elegance.


In the Main Training, we’ll cover:


  • How our Body Language communicates with other people – we can all ‘read’ it
    • Are you speaking from confidence and strength?
  • How to correct Slouching
  • How to reverse Compression of your spine & torso
  • Pelvic alignment can flatten bellies and make derrieres appear smaller
  • How your knees affect your pelvis
  • The best way to wear heels and keep your posture upright
  • Want longer-looking legs?
  • Your personal Sky Hook and why you want one
  • The 4 types of scans for safety and looks


PLUS 5 Bonus Training Videos: (Enter promo code 'Bonus' at checkout)

  • Walking in your Full Potential for Confidence, Grace & Elegance
  • Putting it all together – look like a million bucks
  • A powerful arm, upper body and low abdominal strength exercise from Pilates
    • Start seeing those muscles!
  • How to sit down & get up elegantly from a chair – talk about grace!
  • How to hinge like a Dancer – secrets to looking strong & youthful – and save your back from injury
  • Walking Technique Checklist (Document)


At Checkout, select both Main & Bonus Trainings, then enter promo code word 'Bonus' to receive Bonus Training for free.


Each training is about 1GB in size, which will each take a few minutes to download.  Look in your Downloads folder.


Main Training:


Bonus Training:


All my trainings come with a 2-month money-back guarantee and questions answered by email, so start today to have the results you’re looking for as soon as possible.


I'm excited for you to learn this information.  Please check with your doctor first to make sure your body can handle these shifts and make any changes slowly and compassionately. Thank you, Judy Cameron     


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*Check out my Core Program which includes Acupressure Point Tapping videos that will teach you how beautifully Tapping can unravel old mental beliefs that hold you back.

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