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Qigong is an ancient 7000 year old Mind-Body-Spirit health practice that includes body movements, breath patterns and the mental intention to heal or revitalize.


Each exercise focuses on a different organ system and releases any Chi (Life Force) blockages. The entire sequence constitutes a complete energy work-out. Simple yet highly effective.


There are 14 videos in the package, and 1 bonus, advanced arm movement.


Some exercises are filmed 'Mirrored' so that you can follow me from behind, once you know the movement well - for easier practice.


An Instruction sheet tells you everything you need to know to start right away. Your satisfaction is guaranteed - money back within 2 months.


Filmed on the Deschutes River, in Central Oregon, in February, with Mother Nature's healing vibes included free. :) Soothing music as well.


Please go at your own pace. Build up slowly and with compassion. This is part of the practice.


May you incorporate this practice for a lifetime of energy and well-being, Judy

Qigong Video Series: 8 Pieces of Brocade

  • Your Video Series and Instruction Sheet come as a zip file - compressed to save space. The videos are mp4 format and the instructions are a PDF.


    Use your computer's UNZIP process to view the contents of this package. And enjoy!

  • I offer a 2-month money-back guarantee. Just let me know you're not satisfied and I'll send your money back. You don't even need to return the video series.


    It would help me to know why you're not happy with the series so I can improve it. My goal is to have this series be the best it can be.


    Please know this series is not meant to replace your medical services but to be supplemental education.


    You are responsible for easing into these exercises gently and to build up slowly. Leave out any that are too difficult in the beginning and focus on the ones that you can do. They will serve you well.


    Thank you, Judy Cameron, Stress Relievers Now, LLC