Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

My Dad

Acupressure Point Tapping has been gaining credibility in the medical world, as well in the trauma world, with its ability to help those who have suffered, whether in war zones, in high stress careers or wherever stress and anxiety are found. 
Please see the site
to read more about how veterans have benefited, or from National Institutes of Health & the Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease.
Read how Tapping decreases cortisol (stress hormone) levels:  Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease
Also, the Tapping site has a search function where you can find more about relief with your topic.  (Left menu)
See my Tapping page as well for more info.
Given my Father's WWII experience and the lack of help those received then, I am committed to spreading the word about Tapping.  Please feel free to ask me your questions:
I'm happy to help, Judy