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⁞⁞ Ancient China’s Mind-Body Healing System ⁞⁞

What is Qigong?

Qigong is the Chinese practice of using the Chi, the Life Force, to maintain (or return to) good physical and emotional health.

Chi is also spelled Qi, using English letters to approximate Chinese sounds.  Qigong is pronounced "Chee-GUNG" and 'gong' means the discipline of practicing as often as one can to garner the benefits.

Qigong is 5000 years old and is similar to Tai Chi except that Qigong is solely focused on healing versus the self-defense component.  Qigong is actually closer to the practice of yoga, which came from India.


  • Out of Back & Knee Pain?  Many do.

  • Build Upper Body & Core Strength

  • Look, Feel & Breathe Better

  • Improve your Balance

  • Prevent or improve Osteoporosis

  • Peace of Mind

Qigong uses gentle body movements, breath patterns
& mental focus on healing and peace of mind.

I studied with Qigong Master, Chunyi Lin, who researched many types of Qigong
and condensed them into the core, common and most powerful movements
so that it would be easy for Westerners to practice.

Actually though, I had only been studying Qigong at the intellectual level -
until I was bitten by a tick and contracted Lyme disease.
It caused my tendons to lock up and feel as if they were on fire. 
I was essentially paralyzed because it hurt so much to move.

I was being forced by life to actually practice what I'd learned
about Qigong's healing power.  Along with some Lyme-specific formulas*
I was able to heal my body within a year.

Thanks to Qigong, I'm now back to running, hiking and kayaking
without any pain or flexibility issues, and am so grateful. 
All I want to do is share this information with others.

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Judy Cameron, Qigong Instructor