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If you're a Self Esteem Coach in my Self Esteem | Self Confidence | Self Love Facebook group and would like some 'air time' with our 7000+ Members, consider doing an interview-style Coach Showcase with me.

Here's what will happen:

1. Your choice of going LIVE with me and our audience on StreamYard or pre-recording the same interview format on Zoom.

2. People enjoy hearing a short,* benefit-filled discussion of what you can do for them:


A. So, first, give your story - what happened to you that gave you the desire & knowledge to teach others about self esteem, including - briefly* - any training you've had.

B. Then, who you serve: men, women, kids & any particular focus - men's dating, women's body image, etc.

C. Either give a tip about how to achieve self esteem or talk about your philosophy about life or Coaching.

D. Give your offer and its link.


* People lose attention really quickly in today's world. 

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Think about KEY WORDS that will grab our audience's attention: Confidence, peace of mind, assurance, being grounded or centered, feeling relaxed before a date or job interview, or before giving a talk...

3. You'll also be able to insert a url (link) about your service or offer you're promoting into your interview post.   You'll be responsible for inserting it into the comments in our FB group when the broadcast is done.  I will make your interview post an Announcement - and Pin it to the Top of the posts for at least 4 hours.

4. You will receive a url link to use your interview recording to post elsewhere.  You may not edit the interview without my permission.

5. If you choose the LIVE option, the video is automatically posted into the group and our Members might ask you questions live, via their live comments.

I'm in the Pacific time zone so you'll have to catch me during 9am to 5pm Pacific, Mon through Friday, and the occasional Saturdays.  Here's a time zone converter.


$99 for 20 min air time, plus 10 minutes of my suggested public speaking coaching tips (30 min total.)  Relax and have fun talking about what you're passionate about.

Have your bullet points printed in front of you to refer to while we’re chatting.  Just the key words to trigger your thoughts.  Too much text is confusing to our brains when we're LIVE.

Come onto the broadcast link 10 mins ahead so we can get comfortable, do last minute sound & camera video checks and I can offer any tips, etc.  We’ll then chat for about 20 mins with our Members.

You’ll do beautifully.  I coach people in Public Speaking, so I’ll make you as comfortable as possible.  We can only get better with practice too!

Email me for an application here.  I'll include a document with everything you need to prepare.

I’ll let you know the status of your application and then we’ll set a time.  Pay below. 

Let's get the word out about you!  :)

Thanks for the opportunity to serve you, Judy

PS: If choosing the LIVE option and there's time at the end, consider having your good friends come onto the broadcast to ask you a pre-decided question, so you have your answer ready.  Interactivity is fun.  Remember we’ll end on time though.  You can always answer any remaining questions later in the comments.


Please note: If you need to cancel or reschedule, I need 24 hours notice - in MY TIME ZONE - or you’ll be charged your full fee.

Thank you again.

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