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We help you stop your Emotional Pain

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New Class:

Dissolve active Stealth Patterns that cause emotional pain & unwanted life results


  • Get free of blocks, sabotage & fear

  • Open to well-being & your natural state of joy


Did you know…


Most of us are unaware of our Stealth patterns because they are running ‘behind the scenes.’


These patterns are often repetitive and so become Life Patterns.

We’ll help you:


  • recognize & heal these patterns

  • deepen communication with your Mind-Body

  • feel excited about your life


Bring 1-3 ongoing life problems you want to change.

During the course you will:


  • Learn Ancient Techniques to uplevel your Energy Blueprint

  • Experience Intuitive Openings

  • Access your Original State of Joy

  • Connect with your Innate Full Potential

  • Use Laser Inquiry to gain further Insights & Understanding


6 Saturdays beginning Jan 23, 2021

11am Pacific/2pm Eastern/7pm UK

1.5 hours


Founding Members $125 for the series, if paid by Jan 15th.

Please contact us for any questions.  We'd love to have you join us, Judy & Laura


Laura Taylor & Judy Cameron have been Energy Practitioners for over 35 years