If you're hurting or have had injuries, improving your standing posture - and then taking it into your movement, with stride analysis and training - may be the answer to strength & flexibility in your daily or sports life. 


(Bio-mechanics applies the laws of mechanics to human movement.)

It doesn't cost a lot to learn but will involve practice on your part (as with anything in life!) 


The great news is that you'll look and feel confident and be much less prone to injury or pain for the rest of your life, having ingrained this information.

Even better, we humans can 'read' beautiful, powerful body language - which is very attractive to potential life or business partners.

Learn via videos or in person.  Workshops and webinars are available as well. 


May you have the self-confidence and wisdom that comes from knowing this information.

Qigong is ancient China's Mind-Body healing system.


Having been a Western-trained nurse who helped run the OB-GYN and Ovarian Cancer research labs at UCSF for 30 years, I saw a lot of pain and suffering in patients' lives - and in my own.

Becoming depressed about Western medicine's ability to heal, I started studying Qigong. 


Qi (or Chi, pronounced 'Chee') means the 'Life Force' or Universal Healing Wisdom. 


As Deepak Chopra says, this Chi is Nature's evolutionary life wisdom that WANTS us to heal - to come back to healthy balance (homeostasis.)

So I began to study this ancient wisdom from Qigong Master Chunyi Lin and thought it was wonderful - at the intellectual level anyway!  


I was always just too busy to actually practice it. It wasn't until I was bitten by a tick and contracted Lyme disease, and was, in effect, paralyzed, that I was forced ("given the opportunity") to take the time to DO Qigong and discover its healing secrets. 


I was blown away.  It opened my mind to how life actually works. 


It was completely different from what I'd been taught - a much more compassionate, forgiving and loving model for life, and I was excited by it.

Now that I am completely healed and life is flowing, I'd love to pass on this outlook to you, via workshops and webinars.  Let me know if I can assist you.

(You've probably heard of Tai Chi?  Qigong is similar to Tai Chi in that both practices involve body movements and breath patterns but Qigong is all about healing, not self-defense. 


They certainly both take advantage of the Life Force (spelled either Qi or Chi.)

Here's my favorite technique for changing out old, stuck habits or patterns in our lives that keep us from having what we want - from our full potential.

What I've discovered is that we, as young kids, soak up our caregivers' rules and perspective on life - and we don't have much choice in the matter. 


So, if our parents were rich, happy and healthy, we are in great shape. 


However, if they were, for example, traumatized or abandoned, the undercurrents of these emotional patterns were passed on to us - as well as the life results that these patterns dictate.

If you're tired of not getting the great results you hope for, Tapping (an advanced form of EFT or Emotional Freedom Techniques) may be your answer, as it was mine.

I grew up with parents who were traumatized by World War II.


They certainly did the best they could but I never understood why we couldn't do more than just survive. 


I wanted to thrive - make more of my life than just have a "good" (though very stressful) job, relax on some weekends, only to go back to the stress the following week. 

Tapping, as does Qigong, works at the subconscious and energetic levels of our body, mind and soul. 


Our Chi (Life Force) gets blocked by negative events and emotions, like a kinked hose under pressure.


Tapping helps release the blocks so we can be 'in the Universal flow' of joy and abundance.

Having studied with the best and honed Tapping to an art, I feel confident in helping you reach your goals of health, wealth and happiness. 


Email me your questions and let's see if this feels right to you. 

Or see my Private Session page for more details.


Check out video, workshop or webinar training too. 


Look forward to your new life results!