Peace of Mind Meditation_Audio Only
Peace of Mind Meditation_Audio Only

Webinars are offered frequently

so you can save money - and stay at home. 

Email me your stress topic

and I’ll let you know the schedule.

Here's an example:

Hang at home or a coffee shop

& design your new life!  

“You are incredible, Judy!  Such skilled guidance you provided me in our session together yesterday!  I had no idea how or what as I was so in IT.  Where you went, how you intuited what to say and the invitations you offered were pure genius!  In addition, your Huge Open Heart paved the way for me to birth a fresh and sweet compassion for myself where before there was only a grim acceptance (and then a refusal to think about them – hence the numbness.)  I felt like I was being “shown and re-taught” a kindly and love-filled way to hold the painful events we were tapping on.  There were moments I wondered why I had not “been there” more for me in that time.  But as I recalled those years yesterday, I saw I had no skills and no understanding of loving one’s own dear self.  The warm kiss of a warm tropical breeze is here for me today because of our session.  I know I have much to work on concerning those “missing years.”  I look forward to setting some more appointments.  Love, Elizabeth”


San Francisco, CA

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